Jeong Mee Yoon

Internationally renowned photographer Jeong Mee Yoon is most well known for her work on The Pink and Blue Project (2005- ongoing project). The project features young children from multiple ethnic groups with their favorite colored possessions. This work touches base on the themes of gender and the globalization of consumerism. When browsing through the 31 photos of girls and their pink, and the 23 photos of boys and their blue, I wonder how these children became so obsessed with these colors, what role does the parent play in nurturing this obsession, and is it healthy? These photos are of mostly asian and caucasian children but I believe this theme of color is globally consistent. It is not only these colors that kids are into. Yoon is also documenting other color obsessions, but from the looks of it, blue and pink seem to be winning the popularity contest hands down. I hope she documents an orange obsession, my favorite!

Posted by Jonathan


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