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Positive Art

I love finding new positive messages. The image below was found at We Live Now. The site has more fun messages with interesting clean typography.

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Tiffany Bozic

Just recently I was going through all the art cards I’ve collected over the years from art shows, gallery exhibits, and museums in Los Angeles. I saw the card of  Tiffany Bozic and remembered how amazing her work was in person, and in print as well.  Having a huge love of animal representations in art, I automatically loved the surreal, and photoreal quality her paintings have. Take a peek!


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Mario Hugo

I love these images by Mario Hugo. The use of earth tones in such a dripping bubbly way it awesome.

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Sam Falls

Sam Falls work is absolutely amazing. I love it when he uses patterns and repetition like in the above work. I recommend browsing through his other work. It’s quite beautiful.

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Harry and the Hendersons

It’s a childhood favorite. Just look at that face. Don’t tell me you wouldn’t be moved if that sweet smile was leering over you in the woods.

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Alex Blas at Blends during the Downtown LA Art Walk.

Last night was the Downtown LA Art Walk again. This event is held every second thursday of the month and is one of my favorite/ least favorite activities to do in Los Angeles. I say least favorite only because it can get SUPER crowded towards the end and it is hard to fully enjoy the art when you are bumping into a billion people in a crowded tiny room. Not the most fun way to take in all the art. Now having said that, I think it is an amazing event and am happy it has become so popular among the Los Angeles community. So actually, I love that the crowds are there, but my advice is to beat them.

I went this Thursday evening with my buddy Wadley to go and see our friend Alex Blas, who was showing at Blends. Blends is a shoe store with an amazing collection of bright, vibrant limited edition sneakers. Alex’s work fit right in because the models in his paintings wear bright, vibrant, amazing sneakers… just like Alex himself. I bumped into a few friends at this showing and they were all blown away with the detail in his work. They really are remarkable. Sometimes I am not a fan of photorealistic paintings because they can lack substance in subject matter and the artist thinks that the most important part is to just make it look real, but this is not the case with Alex’s work. The subject matter has a purpose and is well thought out.  His Day Off series (see below) is very genuine, uncensored and has an honesty to them that the viewer can appreciate and relate to. I have always loved seeing the work of his in person and this was hands down the most exciting work I saw during this past art walk. If you would like to see his work in person, Alex will also be showing at the Manifest Equality show March 3rd through the 7th.

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Sombrero Galaxy

The Sombrero Galaxy, or M 104 NGC 4594 (I dont know what it means either but that is its other name) is “an unbarred spiral galaxy in the constellation Virgo”. I got that from Wikipedia, but really besides this being a cool image, I appreciate that when I look up at the sky at night there is a sombrero watching over me.

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