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Gerson Reichert

As an artist who likes to layer a lot and hates starting with a blank canvas, I love these paintings by Gerson Reichert. It looks like such a fun process and reminds me of a series I did in college with a similar concept. I took left behind paintings from beginner art students and used the elements of their pieces whether it be color or form  and created a completely new image. Gerson takes found objects and magazines and plays off of what is already down.

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Sipho Mabona

These lovely photographs capture the work of Switzerland-based artist Sipho Mabona. His origami creations are truly incredible (view his amazing Asics commercial here). I love his use of color and his incredible finesse in creating beautiful, architectural objects.

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Megan Geckler

A few years ago I was driving around Downtown Los Angeles and almost crashed when these window installations caught my eye. At night, they shone like paintings through the windowpanes. The artist does really beautiful, site-specific installations that are graphic and linear. Very gorgeous work and worth a browse on her website.

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Damien Hirst

Damien Hirst designed this lovely piano for Lady Gaga at MOCA’s 30th anniversary gala. It relates back to some of his previous paintings in which he embedded butterflies in high gloss paint. I love the color and how perfectly this piano seems to suit Gaga’s grandiose personality and went with the evening’s ambient pink color scheme.

This is one of Hirst’s butterfly paintings:

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Roberto Calbucci

Looking through Roberto Calbucci’s blog, I wasn’t sure if I was looking at art, or scientific data of some sort. Ok, well I knew it was art, but he definitely pulls inspiration from the science world. Even his descriptions go along with this theme. Science, Art or both, I am a a huge fan of the visuals he is creating here.

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